New Online Auction to Start Soon! 

We want to thank everyone who partcipated in our last online auction.  We hope you had fun with it and are pleased with any items you won.  We did have some problems with emailing the winning bids and invoices.  There was some sort of software glitch with the auction program.  We are working to resolve that.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  If your items are being shipped, you will receive a "paid in full" invoice with the shipment.

We will be starting another oline auction very soon.  Keep watching here and on our Facebook page for details.  The next auction will have coins, jewelry, collectibles, antiques, vintage, furnture, and more!  More details soon! It should be a good one! 

Thanks again and Happy Bidding!

Online Auction Starts: 


Bidding Ends: 

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Payment: Credit/Debit Card only 

Interesting Finds

Being in the auction business we are always running across unique items, great deals, and interesting places.  We will try to post some here from time-to-time.  If you have found something unique or been someplace you'd like to share (doesn't have to be auction related), drop us a line.  We may post it here for everyone to enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will begin listing some of our most commonly asked questions here.  You may have the same question that others have had.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know.

Q. : Do I have to have a credit or debit card to bid in this auction?

A. : Yes.  Most online auctions require card payment for protection of both the auction company and the buyer.

Q. : Why was my card charged $1 when I registered?

A. : There is no fee to register for the online auction.  However, the card processing company will ping your account for $1 to make sure the number was correctly entered and charges can be made.  There is no actual charge made and you will not have to pay the $1.

Q. : Is my credit information safe?

A. : Yes, absolutely!  No information is stored by D & E Auctions and the card processing company uses the same security protocols used with major stores and businesses.

Q. What is a stagered soft close?

A.  A staggered soft close means that the auction closes one lot at a time starting with lot #1.  15 seconds later, the next lot begins to close and so on.  If anyone bids on an item with less than 3 miutes remaining on that item, 3 minutes are added.  This prevents sniping and continues as long as there is active bidding on the item.